Information for Beginners

If you are interested in practicing Iaido then we strongly recommend going along to a local class and taking a look. Most Iaido Senseis will be happy for you to watch a class before you decide if you’d like to give it a go.

What should I wear?
Once you’ve decided to take part, all you’ll need at first is some comfortable clothing. The Iaido clothing will need to be bought from specialist retailers.

Will I need a sword?
You won’t need a sword to begin with. When you first start it is likely that you will be given a bokken, a wooden sword. The bokken is lighter than a metal training sword (iaito) and will help with understanding the basic movements and techniques.

Once you have committed to training you will need to purchase an iaito of your own. Swords come in different lengths and you will need a sword to suit your height. You should speak to your instructor before buying a sword so that you get the right size. Your instructor will also be able to offer advice on where you should buy the sword from since an iaito is balanced carefully. It is important that you do not simply buy any sword that looks like a katana. Swords that are mass produced for the ornamental market are completely inappropriate for practicing iaido.

What will I be doing?
This very much depends on your instructor. It is most likely that you will be shown some basic movements first with a bokken such as cuts and drawing the sword. Iaido has some associated etiquette and you will also be instructed in the correct way to do things within the dojo.

Can I practice Araki Muninsai Ryu Iaido?
Absoultely! Take a look at our country dojos and find a class that is near you.