Araki Ryu Iaido

Araki Ryu is a collected system of various martial arts, including the sword, sickle and chain (kusarigamajitsu), staff (bojitsu), and jujitsu amongst others.

Araki Muninsai Hidetsuna is generally credited with the founding of the Araki Ryu system circa 1570. As with all history, the exact details are hard to ascertain, especially as official records are disparate or missing, and much of the history has been passed verbally through the various schools.

It is conventionally believed that Araki Muninsai Hidetsuna was a student of Takenouchi Kaganosuke Hisayoshi, the third headmaster of Takenouchi Ryu, meaning that Araki Ryu has been referred to as a branch of Takenouchi Ryu. However, the exact lineage becomes very unclear because Araki Muninsai Hidetsuna was a disciple of Fujiwara Katsuzane, and there are some pieces of literature that suggest that the latter was the founder of Araki ryu.